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Arborassays (97)
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Comparison name Catalog # Specificity/Activity Type Brand Size Price
17-Hydroxyprogesterone Antibody, 13ML C190-13ML Arborassays 13ML 11939
17-Hydroxyprogesterone Antibody, 3ML C190-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2939
8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) Antibody, 13ML C220-13ML Arborassays 13ML 11939
8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) Antibody, 3ML C220-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2939
Allopregnanolone CLIA Antibody, 13ML C193-13ML Arborassays 13ML 11939
Allopregnanolone CLIA Antibody, 3ML C193-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2939
Androstenedione Antibody, 13ML C253-13ML Arborassays 13ML 11756
Androstenedione Antibody, 3ML C253-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2939
DetectX® 11-Ketotestosterone Antibody, 13ML C290-13ML Arborassays 13ML 11756
DetectX® 11-Ketotestosterone Antibody, 3ML C290-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2939
DetectX® 20-Hydoxyecdysone Antibody, 13ML C238-13ML Arborassays 13ML 11756
DetectX® 20-Hydoxyecdysone Antibody, 3ML C238-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2939
DetectX® 2'3'-Cyclic GAMP Antibody, 13ML C241-13ML Arborassays 13ML 11756
DetectX® 2'3'-Cyclic GAMP Antibody, 2.3ML C241-2.3ML Arborassays 2.3ML 2939
DetectX® 2'3'-Cyclic GAMP Antibody, 3ML C241-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2939
DetectX® 3'3'-Cyclic GAMP Antibody, 13ML C272-13ML Arborassays 13ML 11756
DetectX® 3'3'-Cyclic GAMP Antibody, 3ML C272-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2939
DetectX® Aldosterone Antibody, 13ML C180-13ML Arborassays 13ML 11939
DetectX® Aldosterone Antibody, 3ML C180-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2939
DetectX® Aldosterone CLIA Antibody, 13ML C184-13ML Arborassays 13ML 11939
DetectX® Aldosterone CLIA Antibody, 3ML C184-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2939
DetectX® Allopregnanolone Antibody, 13ML C153-13ML Arborassays 13ML 8542
DetectX® Allopregnanolone Antibody, 3ML C153-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2583
DetectX® Allopregnanolone EIA Antibody, 13ML C226-13ML Arborassays 13ML 11939
DetectX® Allopregnanolone EIA Antibody, 3ML C226-3ML Arborassays 3ML 2939
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