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Comparison name Catalog # Specificity/Activity Type Brand Size Price
anti-Bovine IgA Antibody (Rabbit) - Affinity Purified RA-10A ICLLAB 1.0 mg RMB 1105
anti-Chicken IgY Fc Antibody (Goat) - Affinity Purified GGFC-30A ICLLAB 1.0 mg RMB 921
anti-C-Myc Antibody (Rabbit) - Affinity Purified RMYC-45A-Z ICLLAB 0.1 mg RMB 1719
anti-Dog CRP Antibody (Mouse - 14A2) - Monoclonal MCRP-40ALY-14A2 ICLLAB 1.0 mg RMB 6079
anti-HA Tag Antibody (Rabbit) - Affinity Purified RHGT-45A ICLLAB 1.0 mg RMB 8289
anti-Human IgG Fc Antibody (Goat) - Affinity Purified GGFC-80A ICLLAB 1.0 mg RMB 798
Goat anti-Cat IgA Antibody - Affinity Purified GA-20A ICLLAB 1.0 mg RMB 1351
Goat anti-Human IgG h+l Bv,Ho,Ms,Rb,Rt ads antibody - Affinity Purified GGHL-80AXSPP ICLLAB 1.0 mg RMB 1535
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